My work is primarily digitally executed, often incorporating not only photo- or scan-based elements, but also forms whose origins are themselves significantly influenced by the computer. My artistic roots, however, extend to older traditions of drawing, painting, printmaking, and pre-digital mechanical reproduction. A fundamental interest in the suggestive and constructive possibilities of the simplest marks on surfaces informs my treatment of a diverse range of media and source materials. My current work explores areas of intersection and influence between core graphic impulses of drawing and patterning and between physical and digital enactments of these processes.


I am a native of Toronto, currently living in Cobourg, a short scenic drive east of Toronto on Lake Ontario. My parents were both artists: my father worked as an illustrator and graphic designer, my mother as a technical draughtsperson. I am a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design (now OCADU) and the New York Institute of Photography; I also studied literature, history, and philosophy at the University of Toronto, and composition at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Music continues to play a vital role in my life, not only as a deeply restorative physical and mental exercise, but as inspiration for my visual art practice, which has included drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, editorial illustration, and design.